[Review] The Ordinary Organic Cold-Pressed RoseHip Seed Oil

[Review] The Ordinary 100 % Organic Cold-Pressed RoseHip Seed Oil

Don’t know why I got several questions about rosehip oil lately. Such as: is it really good for skin? or where did you buy the rosehip oil? Well, I think the rosehip oil became popular lately, even though it successfully has stolen my heart from last year. You can see how much I love Trilogy Rosehip Oil and Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+. And of course, it is so tempting to try another one which is The Ordinary Rosehip Oil ๐Ÿ™‚

The Ordinary Rosehip Oil

When The Ordinary release their products, the first thing that I would definitely have to try is the rosehip oil. I am not kidding, I really freaking love with rosehip oil. Hihi.

Product Claim

“This formulation uses 100% pure Rosehip Seed Oil that is both cold-pressed and organic. Rosehip Seed Oil is rich in linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and pro-vitamin A, all of which degrade when the oil extraction process involves heat. While cold-pressed extraction is complex, it preserves all of the quality of this important oil which has been shown to reduce signs of photo-ageing and many other skin conditions.”

“Our Rose Hip Seed Oil is completely unrefined and imparts a natural scent partly due to its high omega fatty acid content. This scent is not an indication of rancidity. Rose Hip Seed Oil that does not have a scent is refined and offers reduced benefits.”



Apply once a day to the face, ideally at bedtime after application of water-based treatments.


“Rosa Canina Seed Oil”

It contains 100 % rosehip oil. So it is pure of rosehip oil which means contains Vitamins A and E and all three essential fatty acids: Alpha Linolenic Acid (Omega-3), Linoleic Acid (Omega-6), and Oleic Acid (Omega-9)

The Ordinary Rosehip Oil
The Ordinary Rosehip Oil

If you wonder the benefit of rosehip oil, especially about Fatty Acid, feel free to visit Trilogy Rosehip Oil because I had written anything you need to know about rosehip oil ๐Ÿ™‚

Skincarisma Analysis

It contains 100 % rosehip oil. According to Skincarisma, this product has ability to promote healing wound. Well, I couldn’t agree more!!


I love the packaging. It is very simple. It comes with a dark bottle which is Supplied with UV-protective packaging. It uses the dropper as the dispenser. It contains 30 ml.

As you can see, the bottle cap made of rubber. It is a little bit different with an ordinary bottle. At the first, I really love the concept of bottle cap but don’t know why after a few time using it, I found the color of its cap turns into yellowish instead of stay white clean.

To be honest, it is made me a little bit worry.

And every time I opened it, I often found the lumpy part like a crystal on the lid. I don’t know why. For you that have tried this product, please comment below, did you find the same thing with me?


Scene & Texture

It has similar texture and scent with another rosehip oil, especially comparing with Trilogy Rosehip Oil. But a little bit stronger.And also slightly thicker than another one. That is why I never use more than 2 drops every time I put into my skin. It is gonna be good news because it is longlasting.ย I even share this oil with my mother and still last up till 5 months.ย I could say it is affordable products

Anyway, when first arrived, it has a strong reddish-yellow color which I couldn’t show to you because I forgot to take a picture. if you know me and ever read my blog previously, I am not a taking picture person, so I always read a review and taking a picture after at least after 3 weeks. I am sorry for that inconvenient, but the thing that I would say is the products turn into yellowish after 3 months I used (I starting use in July). To be honest, I don’t know what it is mean, is it oxidize or not? And is it relate to lumpy-crystal thing that I found on the lid? I don’t even know.

The Ordinary Rosehip Oil
There are lumpy-crystal thing around the lid of bottle
The Ordinary Rosehip Oil
There are lumpy-crystal thing around the lid of bottle
The Ordinary Rosehip Oil
The color of the oil turns into yellowish..

But FYI, reddish-yellow color indicated good quality of the rosehip oil.ย The depth of color in this oil indicates the presence of beneficial carotenoids.


Well, It is a little bit a tricky to use for the first time. Why? Like what I said, I couldn’t use it more than 2 drops. Every time I used more than 2 drops, it is trigger little bump under my skin. But after that, I used it 2 drops regularly. And after 3 months ( I know it is not a short time), It keeps my skin moist. There is no significant result of my acne. I mean it is not working to my acne directly. But it keeps my skin health. I felt that it helps to fade the redness post inflammation.

As I said before, I had shared this products with my mom and my aunt. They asked me how keep the skin stay moist and healthy. Because they dried and mature skin. That’s why I shared this products with them and they love it. Super love it!. Maybe it doesn’t give significant improvement on me which have oily skin, but If you had dried and mature skin, you are gonna love this one!

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Not a magical oil, but if you use it regularly, it will keep your skin stay healthy. And if we are talking about the price, I think it so much affordable, because I just used 15 ml for 3 months. when I found this product turn into yellowish, I stopped to use it. Why? As I said before, the reddish-yellow color indicated the good quality of the rosehip oil. When it turns into yellow, I think something changed with this oil. It might be oxidized or something. So I stopped to use it.

But I could say, it is a good oil if you want to start to use oil in your skincare routine. It is also safe for acne-prone skin. ๐Ÿ™‚

Price and Where to Buy?

I highly recommend to buy The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed RoseHip Seed Oil atย Benscrub. You can get this product with the price IDR 289.000,-

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10 thoughts on “[Review] The Ordinary Organic Cold-Pressed RoseHip Seed Oil”

  1. Sebetulnya aku pernah baca dan nulis artikel tentang face oil di blog, cara grade kualitas oil itu beda beda. Young Living pake standar beda lagi, tapi bisa dijamin kalo Young Living emang kualitas terbaik. Jadi tuh tergantung cara harvest dan menggunakan ekstrak dari area mana, karena cara nanam dan harvest ngaruh banget sama kualitas. Jadi Trilogy mahal juga gara gara itu sih, sesuai analisisku mah (CMIIW). Btw aku punya rosehip oil dari Indoganic, suka banget di awal awal tapi aku lupa ngulkasin jadi seperempat terbuang percuma gitu, sayang banget. Itu murah sih, warna kuningnya juga beda, haha

    1. Hihi, iyaaaa, aku dulu udah pernah baca tentang kualitas grade yang beda-beda tiap brand sebelum terjun ke dunia face oil, hihi. Cuma ya tergiur pakai yang The Ordinary ya karna warnanya juga yang lebih strong dari yang Trilogy. Anyway aku tanya teman-temen yang pernah nyobain di IG ternyata memang banyak yang punya masalah yang sama dengan The Ordinary, dan ga cuma buat yang Rosehip Oil aja ternyata. Banyak yang cerita ternyata yang niacinamide+zinc, caffeine, alpha arbutinnya juga begitu. Jadi kayaknya memang ada isu packaging sama produknya The Ordinary. Tutupnya kan dari rubber yah, mungkin ga benar-benar impermeable, jadi masih ada kontak produk sama udara, menurut analisaku sih gitu (CMIIW). Mungkin karena itu juga ya harganya bisa lebih murah dibanding produng Deciem yang lain ๐Ÿ™‚

      By the way, aku baru tau kalau rosehip oil harus di simpen di kulkas? Soalnya setau aku rosehip oil masih aman di suhu ruangan asal ga kena direct sunlight, dan rosehip oil yang pernah aku coba dari trilogy sama the ordinary ga ada yang kasih warning buat nyimpan dalam kulkas. hmmmmmmm

    1. Hihi, sebenarnya oke kok Rima
      Tapi kemaren tanya sama temen-temen di IG ternyata emang banyak yang punya masalah yang sama dengan produk The Ordinary, padahal kalau aku cuma yang rosehip oil ajah yang kayak gini.
      Selama ga mengkristal dan menggumpal sebenarnya oke kok ๐Ÿ™‚

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