I am Ayurifa. I’am 20-something and live in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I am a cat lover and a beauty-budget. I love to share with you anything about the story of my cat and my beauty experience.

I am not a vet or a doctor.

Anything that I write in this blog is 100% honest opinion based on experience.

The result may be vary to every person.

All photos are taken by myself, otherwise it will be written link or credit. Please do not use the photo without permission for your own profit. You may download the photo and use them as long as the request for permission first and that link and credit is preserved. Would be greatly appreciated if you write back the original link wherever you upload or use the photo from www.mykittybeauty.com. Please do not delete the link or watermark on the photos.. PLEASE BE KIND 🙂